Jan Eichenberger - freelance designer and visual artist.

I work with different media - two-dimensional, three-dimensional, analogue and digital, concrete or abstract. Free-hand drawing, rough scribbling, visualizations and clean graphic design are all part of my repertoire as well as sculptural work with clay, plaster and synthetics. Always with a focus on detail and concise coloration and form. Illustrative elements and hand-drawn typo are part of my graphical work.

Talk to me!

What is it, what you want? Just name it - I’m in for any challenge! My aim is to put your stuff into the right light and add that certain something. I`m looking forward to get in touch with you and always excited about discussing new possibilities and creating new ideas. For assignments or just a hello - contact me on janeichenberger@icloud.com

Some happy clients:
ABCBD GmbH, Airflow Skateboards, Athleticum, Beloga AG, Blaublau Verein, Brezelkönig, Burton, Frau Gerolds Garten, Freihandlabor, Grafikfabrik GmbH, Grand Studio Ltd., Gurd, Halle7Gastro, Havas Schweiz, Jugendarbeit der Gemeinde Oberengstringen, Jugendarbeit der Gemeinde Zufikon, Keren Hajessod Schweiz, Kiste Club Baden, Kitchener Sportingoods, Mammut, Netzwerk Neubad Luzern, Odlo, Pro Helvetia, Quicksilver Surf&Snow, Raffinerie AG für Gestaltung, Red Bull Schweiz, Rod Communications AG, Santa Cruz, SBB, Schauspielhaus Gessneralle, Suchtprävention des Kantons Aargau, TA Media, Trotamundos Baden, Verein Baradore Baden, Yes or No, Zimtstern.

Individual Exhibitions:
2021 «Werkschau», Offspace of the Atelier Le dolzze Wita, Zürich.
2015 «History of the swiss jewry», Permanent exhibition
, Rechovot, Israel.
2014 «The rabbit and his Egg», Studio Common Ground, Zürich.
2009 «Limite ignorado», Zum Ungaren, Baden.
2008 «Strained System», with the collective Maphia, Zur Nachtigall, Zürich.

Group Exhibitions:

2021 «Parkettkosmos», Kunsthaus Zürich.
2021 «Le dolzze Wita», Atelier Le dolzze Wita, Zürich.
2019 «30 years Kulturdünger», Kiff Aarau.
2019 «Limmazona», Öderlin Areal, Baden.
2017 «Mascaras», Öderlin Areal, Baden.
2016 «Seja nudo», Guck mal Günther, Kunst!, Teiggi, Kriens.
2016 «Mascaras», Guck mal Günther, Kunst!, Tommasini, Lenzburg.
2015 «Mascaras», BlauBlau Festival at Grubenstrasse, Zürich.
2014 «Realize your capacities», groupshow and curation, Zürich.
2011 «You lucky Bastard Tour», Los Angeles, USA.
2008 «Artig 3», with the collective Maphia, Imprimerie, Basel.
2007 «Bordercross», with the collective Maphia, Kunstraum Baden.

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